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Quality of Life Assessments

Quality of Life consultations are helpful when trying to determine when euthanasia should be considered or if other supportive options are available.

Distance no longer matters. Our Telehealth platform allows you to connect with our doctors and nurses, no matter where you live.   

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Technology with touch.

Knowing if quality of life remains for your pet is not always clear or easy. Our consultations provide the time needed to discuss your pet's quality of life in a supportive and non-hurried and manner.

We take into consideration your goals while helping you navigate the complex decisions you are faced with.

We provide the same level of compassion and support with our virtual care as we do our at-home care.

We understand the special nuances that virtual care requires.

PetHospice has been providing virtual care focused on quality of life and end of life since 2017, and our team has led the way for others in veterinary medicine.

Our virtual Quality of Life consults are 90-minutes in length and can be scheduled with either our hospice vet or nurse, depending on your needs (see our FAQ below).

Our comprehensive consultations will address your pet's current care and quality of life in a way that is holistic and complete, so you can make informed decisions.

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The goals of our consult are:

  • Help you assess your pet's current level of pain, quality of life, and if more options are available 

  • Help you understand what is happening to your pet 

  • Help you determine when to make the decision of euthanasia and share how to best plan for the timing of it

  • Help prepare you for letting go and guide you with what to expect during the euthanasia process

  • Share how to help other pets or children in the home prepare for loss

  • Offer additional guidance to help improve your pet's quality of life, such as tips for giving medications, how to encourage eating, and environmental changes to further support your pet 


Connect in 3 easy steps.

  1. Schedule a consult with either a doctor or nurse

  2. A confirmation email will be sent to you that includes a personal link to your consult

  3. Download the app with one simple click and use the link provided to connect with us on the day and time of your appointment

Virtual Consult with our Veterinarian


Address BOTH medical and quality of life concerns

  • 1-hour video consult
  • In addition to all that is addressed with our nursing virtual visits, our veterinarians can discuss medical questions and concerns
  • Written summary of your consult emailed to you and your veterinarian
  • Secure link to your consult to rewatch at any time, or for other family members who could not be present
  • While our vets can recommend other medications you can to speak with your vet about, they are not able to dispense medications or make adjustments to a medical plan without an in-person exam
  • If you wish to have an emergency Comfort Kit for your pet, please schedule an in-home Quality of Life consult with our vet 
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Virtual Consult with our Nurse


Address quality of life concerns ONLY

  • 1-hour video consult
  • Our nurses will discuss all considerations around your pet's quality of life, make recommendations for nursing care, offer improvements for the environment, and discuss how to best plan for euthanasia and what to anticipate during this time
  • Written summary of your consult emailed to you and your veterinarian
  • Secure link to your consult to rewatch at any time, or for other family members who could not be present
  • If you have questions about your pet's disease or what other medical options are available to improve quality of life, we recommend scheduling with a vet
  • Our nurses are not able to dispense medications or make adjustments to a pet's medical plan 
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“Nurse Barb's consultation helped very much and I appreciated her intuitively answering questions I thought I was not ready to ask but needed to ask."