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Quality of Life 

Quality of Life consultations are helpful when trying to determine when euthanasia should be considered or if other supportive options are available.

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We understand

Knowing if quality of life remains for your pet is not always clear or easy.

Our consultations provide the time needed to discuss your pet's quality of life in a non-hurried and supportive manner.

We take into consideration your goals while helping you navigate the complex decisions you are faced with.


  • Help you assess your pet's current level of pain, quality of life, and if more options are available 

  • Help you understand what is happening to your pet 

  • Help you determine when to make the decision of euthanasia and share how to best plan for the timing of it

  • Help prepare you for letting go and guide you with what to expect during the euthanasia process

  • Share how to help other pets or children in the home prepare for loss

  • Offer additional guidance to help improve your pet's quality of life, such as tips for giving medications, how to encourage eating, and environmental changes to further support your pet 

In-home Quality of Life Consultation


Plus $75 fee for evening and weekend appointments

  • 1-2 hour in-home visit with our experienced hospice doctor or nurse
  • Appointment costs will vary depending on service location and if the consult is performed by our hospice doctor or nurse; please call, live chat or email for full details
  • A Comfort Kit can be dispensed for an additional cost if the consult is done by our veterinarian (a Comfort Kit is an injectable form of pain medication and sedation that you can give to your pet in case of an emergency, allowing you to provide relief of distress for your pet)
  • Written summary of all recommendations
  • Communication with your primary care veterinarians
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