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Pain Management and Acupuncture

Even though all of our hospice consultations include a thorough pain management plan, our pain management consultations differ from the perspective that there is not a terminal diagnosis. 

This type of appointment is best for pets with chronic arthritis or pain who are otherwise healthy. 

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"You gave me my pet back"

There is absolutely nothing more rewarding than to see a pet return back to his or her "old self."

The power of proper pain management is truly something to behold, yet it is one of the most overlooked areas of senior care. 

Many families attribute the changes that their pet experiences to "simply getting old and slowing down." When in fact, pets are generally slowing down because they hurt. 

There is so much we can do for pets who are experiencing age-related pain, dramatically increasing their quality of life, comfort and happiness.

A pain management consultation involves a complete medical, physical and environmental assessment specifically focused on increasing comfort and quality of life through decreasing pain.

An individualized and advanced plan to your pet's type of pain is developed, including medications and helpful therapies such as acupuncture.‚Äč

Pain Management


Plus $75 fee for evening and weekend appointments

  • 3-hour in-home evaluation by our hospice veterinarian that includes one month of medical management with unlimited communication and plan adjustments
  • A environmental assessment focused on increasing comfort
  • Comprehensive review of all medical records
  • A full team on your side with 7-day a week support
  • Return in-home visits and medications are an additional cost
  • Appointment cost will vary depending on service location; please call, live chat or email for full details



Plus $75 fee for evening and weekend appointments

  • An initial consult is 1-2 hours and includes a complete review of medical records, a physical exam and the first acupuncture treatment
  • Follow up acupuncture sessions are generally 30-60 minutes in length
  • Acupuncture appointments do not include ongoing medical management or overseeing your pet's care, as is the case with pain management appointments
  • Appointment cost will vary depending on service location as well as if the appointment is an initial consult or a follow up visit; please call, live chat or email for full details