Kara Harpham, DVM

SCHOOL:  UC Davis, DVM, 2006‚Äč

WHY I LOVE WHAT I DO: Because making the last day with a cherished pet a little bit easier for both the pet and the humans that love them is truly a gift. I certainly did not see myself doing this work when I envisioned my career as a veterinarian, but after saying my last good bye to several of my own beloved pets in the comfort of my own home, I felt that being able to help other families in this same way was what I was supposed to do. Yes, there are a lot of tears, a good deal of sadness, but without love, there would be no sadness or tears. I actually get to witness more love than most people do on any given day. 

BEST WAY TO START THE DAY: Sipping a cup of coffee with my dog and cat on my lap.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “The best views come after the hardest climb.