Jenna Guffy, BS

Care Coordinator

SCHOOL: UC Davis, BS, 2017

WHY I LOVE WHAT I DO: Seeing our beautiful co-pilots slowing down or have an unexpected turn in heath is saddening beyond measure. Our sweet creatures unknowingly bring so much into our lives and consequently take so much when they go. Talking openly about end-of-life care takes an incredible amount of strength and I acknowledge that every time I speak with a family. From personal experience, I learned the power of structure and reassurance during this painfully delicate time. I strive to provide just that and I am honored to be a part of such a genuinely compassionate team who all play their part in making this journey a little easier.

BEST WAY TO START THE DAY: On the right side of the bed with my old cattle dog's foot in my face as he streeeeetches and prepares for the day! :)

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ~ Anatole France