Hospice & Palliative Care

Providing the ultimate level of comfort and quality of life for the time that remains.

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It's all about living.

Hospice is all about helping your pet to live life to the fullest for the time that remains.

It is not just for the final days of life. In fact, hospice care is best started at the time of diagnosis or the first signs of decline. Having a team in place offers your pet the care needed and ensures you are fully supported.  

With you at every step.

We share our skills and experiences to support you in making the most appropriate choices for your pet.

Our focus is to return the center of care to your home while offering the best control of pain and symptoms.


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Helping you be prepared.

We work closely with you to help you understand what is happening, what can be expected, and empower you to provide care when the team is not present. 

When indicated, we provide families with a Comfort Kit, an injectable pain medication with sedation that can be administered by you in the case of an emergency.

Cost of Service

Hospice Consultation


Plus $75 for weekend and evening appointments

  • 2-hour evaluation by our hospice veterinarian that includes one month of medical management with unlimited communication and plan adjustments with your dedicated care team

  • 7-day a week support from your dedicated hospice team 
  • Return in-home visits and medications, including the Comfort Kit, are an additional cost
  • Appointment cost will vary depending on service location; please call, live chat or email for full details

As we remember our little one, our thoughts also turn to those who have been there for us during our hour of need.

"Our deepest thanks go to Dr. Erin Smythe-Morey who planned and outlined in detail Rico's hospice care protocol and communicated with us every step of the way; Barb St. Amant, RVT, who came to our home twice to examine Rico, provided us with all the necessary supplies and medication, and kept in touch every day; Danielle Schloemp, RVT and Lisa Gigliotti, RVT, who always answered emails in a timely fashion, especially when getting answers to questions became crucial; and Mia Johnston, Jenna Guffy and Tatiana Smith—Care Coordinators on the PetHospice Team—who ensured that everything ran smoothly and never failed to send Rico their love."

~ Kathryn, Mom of Rico

The thoroughness of your preparation, the depth and capacity of your heart, and the love woven through everything.

It's rare to meet someone who is living their vocation so completely and so masterfully. We were (and are still) awed by how phenomenal you are at what you do.”

~ Joy, Mom of Paloma