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PetHospice is redefining the approach to end-of-life care

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Our approach to care is different

With PetHospice, you and your pet will have a full team on your side. Supportive doctors, nurses, care coordinators and social workers who are available 7-days a week to help. 

We take every little detail into consideration, no matter how small it may seem, and help make your pet's end-of-life journey as meaningful as the life lived. 

We understand.

We never stop thinking of ways we can make this journey just a little bit less painful and more fully supported.


Care takes time

We understand this is not a time that can be rushed or limited to one hour. Because of this, we dedicate 2-3 hours for every appointment. While not everyone needs this amount of time, we want to ensure you have every opportunity to discuss concerns, ask questions and get to know us in a personal manner.

The members of our team limit themselves to 2 appointments per day. We believe every family deserves a provider who is fully focused on their pet, not rushed to get to the next appointment. 

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