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Support When Needed Most

Our hospice veterinarians and nurses offer 90-minute consultations focused on your pet's end-of-life needs.

Our free learning library and community will help you better care for your best friend, your buddy, your “child.”

Our expert guidance can help you work through the many complex decisions you are faced with.

You need not do this alone.

We have helped thousands of families navigate this difficult time. Let us help you.

Our hospice vets and nurses help you understand your pet's current quality of life and level of comfort. Together we explore if other options for care are available, or if it is nearing the time to help say goodbye. PetHospice offers three pillars of support:

Vet Care From Home

Our 90-minute Video Visits offer more than what a typical vet appointment can provide.

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Our free library provides trusted information to help you best care for your pet. 

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Our community offers a support network of pet parents, vets and nurses "who get it."

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Their love for you never changes, but their need for your help does

Our video visits support you with guidance, education, problem solving, decision making and preparing for loss.


  • Feel unsure whether you are making the right choices for your pet?
  • Wonder if you are doing too much, not enough, or have concerns about "being selfish"?
  • Feel too emotionally attached to make clear decisions on your own? 
  • Want help deciding when is the right time to euthanize? 
  • Want to know what to expect and how to prepare?
  • Want to understand if your pet is in pain or if quality of life remains?


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Explore our library to better understand your pet's disease, quality of life, and what to expect at end of life. Our learning guides and essential checklists help you care for your best friend, your buddy, your child.

Access to our library is free. Support is priceless. 

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Our free library contains video learning guides, helpful resources, and essential checklists to help you care for your pet.